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David Loxton Lead NFT Auditor

The Lead NFT Auditor who conducted the audit is David Loxton. David is a Lead NFT Auditor at NFT Auditors and is a director of Schindlers Forensics Ai



David began his career as a state prosecutor, working in both Cape Town and Pretoria and gaining experience prosecuting a wide range of street crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, drug-related crimes, corruption, forgery and theft. David then moved on to work as in-house counsel at a major listed entity, before returning to private practice. He has advised across all sectors of industry, as well as state-owned enterprises and government departments, in matters of governance, regulation, employment, litigation, corporate crime prevention and investigation. He has generally been instructed by Group Counsel, CEOs or boards as well as heads of departments and senior officials within government. He has also acted as an advisor on highly sensitive issues involving fraud and corruption, and has guided clients through risk mitigation and civil recovery as well as on disciplinary proceedings against implicated employees and individuals.​

David has been actively involved in assisting law enforcement agencies with criminal aspects stemming from investigations undertaken both nationally and internationally and has headed up various teams investigating complex cross-border cyber-crime matters. His extensive experience means that he is an authority in several areas of the law, making him a highly sought and often-quoted source for media seeking an expert opinion on economic crimes, compliance and regulation, and cyber-crime.

David is a member of the local and USA chapters of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). He is also a member of the Institute of Forensic Practitioners (ICFP) and the Law Societies of the Northern Province and Western Cape. He is currently serving as honorary patron of the CGF Research Institute of South Africa and is widely recognised as a leader in the field by independent agencies such as Chambers & Co.


NFT Auditor's audit report available on request. 

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